Waiting List

CCCC maintains a waiting list when a classroom is full. Parents may also place their child on the waiting list if they will need care at a later date. For example, expectant parents may wish to join the waiting list in anticipation of their future childcare needs.

To join the waiting list, contact the Site Director at your desired center. When an opening becomes available, the Site Director will call families on the waiting list, in the order they signed up, and give them the opportunity to take the space. Once a family has been called, they will need to respond promptly and complete an enrollment packet to secure the spot. There is no charge to be placed on the waiting list at a CCCC site. If you join a CCCC waiting list and later find alternate care for your child, please contact the Site Director so that we can remove your name from the list.

The following types of children receive priority on the waitlist:

  • siblings of children already in care at the same center
  • children moving between CCCC centers
  • CCCC staff children
  • Families needing full-time care over part-time care needs (unless the opening is part-time)

For further details about our waiting list procedures, please refer to our Parent Handbook.