Infant Program

Growing Oaks and Lancaster Centers both offer an infant program, with an emphasis on providing the nurturing relationships crucial to young children's development. We follow individual schedules -- babies eat, sleep, and play according to their own timetable.

  • Eating - Parents of infants have several choices for feeding their children while they are at a CCCC Center. CCCC offers a USDA-approved, iron-fortified formula for infants less than 12 months as part of our USDA food program. Parents may also bring bottles of breast milk or a formula of their choosing. CCCC supports breastfeeding mothers as well; nursing mothers are welcome to visit the classroom and nurse their child at any time. It is helpful for the teacher to know the mother's anticipated feeding schedule.
  • Sleeping - Several cribs are available at each center; each child receives his or her own bedding and is encouraged to sleep when tired. Teachers are accomplished at rocking, singing, and soothing babies to sleep!
  • Playing - Our infant rooms have many developmentally appropriate toys, activities and experiences. Children are given the opportunity to explore and exercise and develop their physical, social and language skills. As their age and development allow, babies also participate in special activities such as art, music, and field trips.