Guidance and Discipline

Many parents ask about our discipline philosophy. CCCC is committed to using positive behavioral strategies to teach young children how to manage their own behavior. Our goals are to promote positive social skills, foster mutual respect, strengthen self-esteem, and support a safe environment.

Staff will respond to challenging or inappropriate behaviors differently, as appropriate to the situation and to the age of the children involved and their individual needs and temperaments. In general, the following steps will be followed:

  • The teacher will demonstrate the desired behaviors or words, and redirect the child to a different activity if necessary.
  • The teacher will help the child identify the problem, acknowledge feelings, and focus on finding an appropriate solution.
  • To address continuing or escalating behavior, the teacher may remove the child from the group for a short time and assist the child in making a better choice when he or she feels ready to do so.
  • Parents will be involved in developing any behavior plan when CCCC's usual guidance methods are not effective.

CCCC does not use negative or hurtful punishments such as:

  • Lecturing, nagging or yelling.
  • Corporal punishment.
  • Withholding food or beverage.
  • Teasing or sarcasm.

Please refer to the Parent Handbook for a complete description of guidance and discipline procedures.