Charitable Giving

As a non-profit organization, all donations made to CCCC are tax deductible. Cash or in-kind donations can be made directly to the organization by parents, family or community members. CCCC also participates in charitable giving campaigns (pre-tax contributions) through employers or organizations such as the United Way, or the City of Corvallis. We also participate in the Hewlett-Packard Gifts-In-Kind Program.

You can donate directly to CCCC using the paypay donate button below.

Funds accepting donations include:


Staff Appreciation funds provide annual bonuses (winter) to recognize employees for their outstanding contributions to CCCC and reward years of dedication and service and finances the annual Staff and Teacher Appreciation week activities (spring).

Annual Campaign to support CCCC Operations: 2009-2010 Goal is $8000

Capital Campaign for funds to support improvements to our classrooms and centers.

If you are interested in making a charitable donation to CCCC, for these funds or other purposes, please contact the Executive Director for more information.