Our Board

CCCC is a private, non-profit corporation with no religious affiliation. A volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of CCCC family members and interested members of the community, is responsible for policy and direction. Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The monthly agenda and minutes are posted at each center. Parents, employees, and other interested community members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

The Board has placed day-to-day operation of the Centers under the authority of an Executive Director. Each Center operated by CCCC has a Site Director who reports to the Executive Director. The Executive Director and Site Directors serve as Ex-Officio (non-voting) members of the Board. For questions about CCCC management, please contact the Executive Director or a member of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

General Inquiries
3285 NE Oxford Circle
Corvallis, OR 97330

Traci Yates

Vice Chair:
Zlatko Dimcovic


Christina McKnight

Members At Large (2016-2017):

Christina Haluzak

David Raymond

David Arter